2019 - Personal Growth for Professional Impact - Learning Leads to Success

Keynote Speaker

What doesn't kill you, makes you funnier.


Deborah Kimmett

Remember the five-year plan? How about the five-minute plan.
We used to be able to plan for futures in long term visions. These days, the plan changes on a dime, which means we are often required to make changes quickly.
Improv expert Deborah Kimmett will teach us how to use improvisation skills to manage the pressures of change and the need for constant innovation.
By saying yes to the right things, using the strength of your team and keeping a sense of humour at the same time, Kimmett will have you walking away inspired, energized and ready to face challenge and change.

Deborah is a Second City Alumna, a regular on CBC Radio's The Debaters. and the Winnipeg Comedy Festival. Topics of Deborah's material deal with resilience, change and stress. She has special interest in women's equity, health care, aging and celebrating the volunteer.