2019 - Personal Growth for Professional Impact - Learning Leads to Success




The planning committee consists of two or three members from each of the Eastern Region colleges. Each member has a unique responsibilty associated with the conference.

Val Sayah - sayahhv@algonquincollege.com
Karine Savranskaia - savrank@algonquincollege.com

Cosette Kazarian - Cosette.Kazarian@durhamcollege.ca
Lori Wilson - lori.wilson@durhamcollege.ca

Alyson Blackmore - alyson.blackmore@flemingcollege.ca
Cheryl Wardell - Cheryl.Wardell@flemingcollege.ca

Sylvie Quesnel - SQuesn@lacitec.on.ca
Marie Nathalie Moreau - mmorea@lacitec.on.ca

Lori Snutch - lsnutch@loyalistcollege.com
Jane West - jwest@loyalistcollege.com

Jason Wood - JWood@sl.on.ca
Ashleigh McKeil- amckeil@sl.on.ca
Ashley Stebbins - AStebbins@sl.on.ca