Getting Connected 2015

Innovate, participate, rejuvenate

  • Registration for the 2015 conference is open!
    Download the Registration Package and contact your local committee member with questions.

    This year's conference will once again be held at Elmhirst's Resort in Keene, ON. The conference will run from Wednesday, October 21 to Friday, October 23, 2015.

    This year's theme is innovation with a focus on productivity, economics and creativity - innovate, participate and rejuvenate!

    Innovation is the practical application of ideas into new or improved services, processes, systems, social interactions or products. When the workplace encourages staff to share innovative ideas it nurtures creativity, improves productivity and has a positive impact on the economy. So...Why do we find it so hard to break out of our rut and do truly innovative things? Because it’s hard work. Because it often requires us to significantly alter our perspectives and step outside our comfort zones. Being innovative and creative takes effort! It’s about contributing ideas and thinking through problems. It’s about taking action and being engaged. It’s about getting connected!